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We're a Western Canadian disc golf startup here to create community driven products that improve the game and grow the sport.

Chinook Andromeda Disc

Meet the Andromeda.

This is our debut disc, designed by Canadians in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

Without a question, flight performance is the most important part of a disc. That's why before anything else we worked hard to perfect our design. The Andromeda was built to to create the perfect balance of speed, glide, turn, and fade for getting the longest distance possible while maintaining reliability and control. This is your go to disc off the tee anytime you need to cover a lot of ground.

PDGA approval pending.

Chinook Andromeda Disc


This is our debut disc, designed by Canadians in the heart of the Rocky Mountains Currently under development.

Flight Ratings: 12 • 5 • -1 • 3

$30 CAD

For every friend you refer, get $5 off (up to $10 per disc)! Thanks for your support, every bit counts!

Why We Care

Sustainable Discs

We do as much as we can to limit environmental impact, including using recycled plastic.

Better Flight Paths

At the same time, we wanted a disc with great flying characteristics. That’s why we spend a LOT of time prototyping our discs, making sure the flight dynamics work with the sustainable materials that we choose to use.

Improving Your Game

We think your practice sessions should be fun, competitive, and communal. That’s why we’ve built a game that pits you with other players around the world, in the spirit of improving your game.


We just launched preorders for our Andromeda disc!

We just renamed our game from "Yolo Disc" to "Inertia Putt" to be more... professional. Same game, new name! Give our game a spin

Hey! Have you tried playing our game yet? We're thinking about ways to improve it. If you'd like to help, please fill out this short form

Hey we just built a game for putting practice we're calling Inertia Putt! Play some #inertia

We're constantly updating our Facebook page with our disc-prototyping process!

Hey everyone, we're curious about how much people are losing discs out there. If you'd like to help, please take this super short survey, and if we get enough feedback, we'll put together a quick report and share it with everyone. Thanks!

Edit: Thanks everyone for taking the survey! We're going over the results now!

Short video on how our prototypes are coming along (large file size)